How to take Whey Protein and optimize your performance?

Whey Protein is considered one of the best in the market. Whey Protein is used to help increase muscle mass, restore muscle, provide energy to muscle fibers, control cholesterol and blood sugar. Whoever thinks that Whey Protein should only be consumed by bodybuilders, on the contrary, it is a protein that must be present in the lives of all people who for some reason did not get the necessary amount through food. But then, comes to that famous question - How to take Whey Protein? What is the best way to achieve the best result?

Before we explain the best ways to consume, you need to understand what Whey Protein really is. Whey Protein supplements are made from whey protein extraction and concentrate high biological value, as well as high protein content per serving. Another extremely important factor in whey protein is the low carbohydrate value and, in some cases, the total fat exclusion. Whey Protein also contains added BCAA and glutamine, important amino acids for our body.

Shall we go to our subject?

How to take Whey Protein?
As we said above, there is no right or wrong, everything will depend on your goal and the amount ingested. Knowing how to consume and align this practice with a balanced diet and the regular habit of physical activity, for sure you will achieve the best results. It is worth mentioning that the best way to find out the ideal for your body, is to consult a doctor or nutritionist.

Whey Protein for Breakfast?

In recent years, Whey Protein products have undergone several changes in their formulation and today it is not only a food supplement but a tasty shake that can be inserted into the food and help quench hunger. When consumed for breakfast, Whey Protein can be part of a special recipe, for example: crepioca with Whey Protein.

The main goal of Whey Protein for breakfast is protein replacement early in the day. While we sleep, our body continues working, at this moment it ends up using the reserves of proteins to feed itself and to be able to do all the work. Therefore, when we wake up, we are in need of a fast absorbing diet and high biological value to avoid muscle catabolism and guarantee protein supply to the body.

Ideal Body Tip: One of the options for breakfast or during the interval of the main meals is the Whey Micellar or protein blend, which consists of a single product with several proteins.

How to take Whey Protein in Pre-workout?

Another important time to take Whey Protein is in the pre-workout, on average, 15 minutes before physical activity. Because it is a fast-absorbing product and because it contains high amounts of pure protein, Whey Protein in pre-workout serves as a protein reserve, especially if you go for long workouts or some high-intensity sports.

When you train, you consume a lot of energy, which results in the expenditure of the body's proteins and muscle injuries, so starting a physical activity with the body stocked with these substances can guarantee the best performance.

Summarizing: Nutrient-filled body ensures more energy, more effort and more power to perform any sport, improves the construction of muscle fibers and prevents the muscle from using proteins from other muscles to give you energy to complete the exercises.